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   Founded in 1994, SOFRIP is one of the important company practices in the sector of second hand clothing, wiping rags and fraying.

   The company is run by brothers Kannou who began their activities by operating on sorting of old clothes, as they develop they have put in place structures, modern equipment and advanced technologies, while highlighting the team spirit, mutual respect and cultivating the notion of solidarity.

   With good control of the process of sorting, processing, practice packaging and adapted to different requirements of existing industries, strict control at all stages of production and a good knowledge of market and specificities of each country, SOFRIP has the ability to forge relationships with its customers and has strengthened its presence nationally and internationally.
  Our goals and priorities:

      Give a second life to used clothing.
      The satisfaction of our customers by ensuring the        optimization of service, quality, price.
      A commitment to lasting development.
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